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May 2016

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The Amesbury branch of Johnsons cleaners announce a discount for Druids needing their robes cleaned in a sensitive and eco friendly manner.

Oct 9th 2015

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We announce the results of our science experiment, results that should shake up our thinking about the capabilities and achievements of mankind in ancient times

Sept 28th 2015

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We conduct our own international science experiment to test a hypothesis presented by Frank that even as far back as the time of Stonehenge, humanity had the means to map the world, including relative longitude.

June 25th 2014:


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We have been asked by Southampton University to conduct a survey that will reveal the non £ value of Stonehenge. For this of course, we need you and your friends to take part!

June 21st 2014:

Summer Solstice

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27000 people attended this year, the first summer solstice since the introduction of the new visitor centre. Policing and marshalling were excellent so well done EH and Wiltshire police. We participated as guests in a special Anti-Fracking circle organised by Phil, and conducted our usual open circle for sunrise on the southern mound.

June 14th 2014: Amesbury Carnival

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Amesbury Carnival was another great success this year with more people than ever before taking part. Aes Dana - Amesbury Stonehenge Druids conducted the ‘3rd annual Stone-age’ games and this year our team won!

May 9th 2014

A salute to Queen Mary

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Celebrating a great modern wonder, the 10th Birthday of Southampton based Ocean Liner - Queen Mary 2 - Frank attends the celebrations. Video and pictures of this amazing event featuring HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, fireworks and majestic procession of the queens.

May 1st 2014

Prehistoric Amesbury

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The Amesbury and Stonehenge Druids are delighted to have our beliefs confirmed that Amesbury is Britain's longest continuously occupied settlement.

Yes Amesbury has been occupied since at least 8820BC, 10834 years!!!

March 2014

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Frank debates on BBC Radio 4, ‘Beyond Belief’ with Prof Ronald Hutton (Bristol University - History)  and Prof. Julian Thomas (Manchester University - Archaeology)

July 2013 Frank gives talk at the Bolivian Embassy

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Frank and Kate were delighted and honoured to be invited by the Anglo-Bolivian Society to give a presentation in Westminster on July 26th which was hosted at the Bolivian Embassy. The subject of the presentation was the cultural and spiritual exchange between Druids and Amauta that took place in the summers of 2011 and 2012

June 2013 Summer Solstice

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Aes Dana Druids lead a ceremony at sunrise to the south of the stones, which this year were tightly packed with party goers. Read our feedback to English Heritage on this years event.

Jan 2013 Aes Dana join the Stonehenge Chamber of Trade

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Stonehenge and Amesbury Druids, Aes Dana Grove, made history by joining the Stonehenge Chamber of Trade.

Dec 2012 Winter SOLSTICE

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Winter solstice 2012 as anticipated saw more than double the usual number of celebrants and pilgrims visit Stonehenge. A last minute break in the weather led to a breathtaking sunrise.

Dec 2012 Winter Solstice Information

Information about Stonehenge open access

July 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony, London

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The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony recognised Britain’s sacred traditions and legends. We highlight the potent symbolism of Britain’s growing pride in our ancient roots alongside our modern and evolving culture of diversity and tolerance.

July 10th 2012

Flame and Stone

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2012 Cultural Olympiad the Government insisted that a fire garden be laid out for three nights at Stonehenge to correspond with the Olympic flame visiting Wiltshire.

Bearing in mind that English Heritage have steadfastly refused for years to allow us even a candle lantern to be taken into Stonehenge for our pagan ‘fire festivals’ and are always harping on about pushing nothing into the topsoil, that they allowed this was a very big surprise to us. We went along to the opening night to check it out for ourselves and share with you our experience.

What was it like? In a word, Glorious!!

Summer Solstice 2012

And Bolivian Visitors

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Summer Solstice 2012 was the scene of heavy rain and cloudy sunrise, yet celebrants still came by the thousand to honour the turning of the seasons. Most notable were two Amauta priests from the Aymara people in Bolivia who were visiting and taking part as guests of the Amesbury Stonehenge Druids and town of Amesbury. History is made and prophesy fulfilled as Druids and Amauta lead ceremony together at sunrise.

Summer Solstice 2012


Details about managed open access to the site for summer solstice 2012

May 1st Queen Jubilee

Salisbury Cathedral

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To celebrate her diamond jubilee Her Majesty the Queen visits Salisbury and stops at the Amesbury Community tent to see for herself examples of Amesbury history and culture and encounters the Druids.

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Stonehenge fun run

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The first Stonehenge fun run took place today in windy and quite cold conditions but it was a beautiful experience.

28th April 2012

Civic CelebrationA.R-T one year as Mayor

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Druids were invited to attend the towns celebration of Andy Rhind-Tutts year as Mayor. Read about the event and review the images of just some of the towns achievements in this time

22nd March 2012

Amesbury Museum

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Amesbury Town Council, have completed the purchase of the Melor Hall in Amesbury (Opposite the Antrobus Arms) and will now move to the process of planning and building the Town its first ever Museum and interpretation centre.


15th March 2012

Britains First Photo Album

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BBC2 series ‘Britains First Photo Album’ screened this evening featuring Stonehenge and a meeting between the BBC’s John Sergeant and our Druid Frank Somers. The series explores Britain through the eyes of Victorian photographer Frith and revisits the places documented all those years ago.A

December 22nd 2011

Winter Solstice

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3500 people gathered at Stonehenge to watch and celebrate the winter solstice. There was difficulty parking once the drove ways overflowed onto the A344. The Sun made a brief but timely appearance.

December 21st 2011

Winter Solstice Eve

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The Stonehenge and Amesbury Druids ‘Aes Dana’ Grove were delighted to help organise and take part in a historic 1st Stonehenge to Amesbury lantern procession involving 500 people.

Congratulations go to the Mayor Andy, Alice from Amesbury Council and all of the Amesbury 2012 committee for bringing this great tradition back to life.

October 17th 2011

Award for Sir Patrick Moore

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Senior Stonehenge Druid, Frank Somers, today presented Sir Patrick Moore with an award of a unique plaque and honorary membership of Aes Dana Grove in appreciation for his life long services to British Astronomy.

The award was presented to Patrick at his Sussex home.

October 2nd 2011

Druids support Amesbury Heritage Trail

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A million people visit Stonehenge every year, yet very seldom do these visitors stay to explore Amesbury and the many treasures of the surrounding landscape. The community of Amesbury, the Town Council, Mayor, Businesses and Artists decided to explore their own towns hidden secrets in order to establish how best to attract Stonehenge visitors to Amesbury. We participated and provided the last venue of the day at Stonehenge itself.

September 2011

Druids attend diplomatic celebration in Westminster.

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Celebrating Ambassador Beatriz Souviron five years representing Bolivia in London, a special celebration was held. Invitees included Ambassadors, Lords, MP’s, Senior Druids and other Special friends of the Ambassador. The theme of the evening was Bolivian culture, song and dance. It was so good that we wished to share some of it with you.

September 2011

Autumn Equinox

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Frank and Bex represented the Grove at Stonehenge, with Frank briefly explaining to those assembled that we have visited Tiwanaku and made Brotherhood with the Amautas. The flag that unites us in this was unveiled for the first time at Stonehenge, which responded by providing one of the most enchanting sun rises for many years.

July 2011. Aes Dana Druids at famous sustainability centre

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We were delighted and honoured to teach members of the Green Party at their ‘Little Green Gathering’ the essence of Druid traditional ceremony, and to facilitate people of mixed faiths holding ceremony together in a beautiful woodland grove. The flags presented to us in Bolivia were unfurled for this occasion.

June 2011. Aes Dana Druids visit Bolivia, Tiwanaku for Solstice

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2 Members of Aes Dana travel to Bolivia to meet the Amauta council, participate in ritual, compare cultures and traditions before taking part in ceremony at Tiwanaku and being presented to the countries President there.

June 2011. Aes Dana Druids Open Amesbury Carnival

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7 Members of the grove turned out to lead the procession of the carnival through the streets of Amesbury, supported by 30 local children dressed as ‘Sprits or nature’, opening the Carnival together with the Mayor, Andy Rhind-Tutt .  2012 balloons were released to celebrate the public start of Amesbury 2012.

May 2011. Aes Dana Druids attend Amesbury 2012 Launch



Following the formal election of Amesbury’s Andy Rhind-Tutt as Mayor, a presentation was given at Antrobus House of the Amesbury 2012 initiative. Druids Frank and John attended, with John providing traditional Celtic music from his harp.

May 2011. Bolivian Ambassador Visits Stonehenge. See Pictures


The Bolivian Ambassador was received at Stonehenge by Druids of the Aes Dana Grove, she was then shown the ancestor statue at Solstice park, after which we shared an enjoyable lunchtime meeting at the famous Antrobus Hotel in Amesbury.

December 2010. Winter Solstice in the snow

Frank makes it to Stonehenge through blizzard conditions to attend Winter Solstice Sunrise, others would go on the 22nd, but it was a rare opportunity to lead ceremony in harmony with those present. This was unusual because as the sun rose the full moon set in full eclipse. Also historic for the first solstice ceremony led by Druids at Stonehenge as a legally recognised religion in England. Stonehenge energies responded beautifully to the genuine spirit of all those present.

November 2010, Ministry of Justice respond


Leading Druids were shocked and outraged by the removal of ancestral remains by the ‘Riverside Project’ and mounted a strong challenge. The MoJ today responded by granting a further five years of study to the Archaeologists but then stated the intention that the bones be returned to us for reburial.

July 2010, Aes Dana take part in a British Horror Movie. See Pictures...

Aes Dana were offered the chance to take part in a British made horror movie / thriller called ‘The Stone’. Our part in the movie was filmed in Hampshire and involved us essentially being Druids handling with care an object that in the movie plot is a very dangerous and powerful thing. As well as appearing in the Movie we also feature on the video trailer and a ‘No Redemption’ music video.

June 2010. Summer Solstice Surprise! See pictures...

Aes Dana Druids together working together with the Amesbury community and local artists Andy and Michelle spring a big surprise on the public and other ‘druid’ groups by bringing along an ancestor.

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