Beyond 2012


Autumn equinox 2011 at Stonehenge, leading Stonehenge Druid Frank Somers, from the ‘Aes Dana Grove’ talks about the crises of transition and the way forward towards ‘living well’ beyond 2012.


Universal Declaration for the rights of Mother Earth


Autumn Equinox 2011 at Stonehenge, Frank addresses the circle to formally declare the union of hearts shared with the Amauta of Tiwanaku in June.


He then read out loud a section of the Universal Declaration for the rights of Mother Earth, asking for an endorsement from the people of Stonehenge for our support of this proposed law.


This was duly given.


Fernando Huanacuni, Aymara leader, talking to Frank Somers, Stonehenge Druid, during the historic 1st visit between Druids and amautas.


This was filmed in La Paz on June 22nd 2011.


The arrival of two Druids in Bolivia generated a lot of interest. We were greeted as ambassadors by both the people and the state, meeting the president at sunrise in Tiwanaku on the 21st.


Druids and Amauta are now brothers, Stonehenge and Tiwanaku now of one heart.

Fernando talks about the wisdom of ‘Living Well’ from the Aymara perspective.


Filmed at Summer Solstice 2010, Aes Dana Bard Nicola Peel talks about practical things that we should all be doing to protect Mother Earth.

Nicola is a very active and effective environmentalist who works in the UK and in South America alongside and in support of indigenous peoples there.


A modern Druid Poem


Many people think of Stonehenge and other sacred places of our ancestors as being the Druids temples, yet as truly as these are special to us, our greatest home is among nature.


The temples and holy places built by the hand of man can be fine examples of our art and dedication. I do not seek to diminish this for others, but to simply give my own perspective on why nature is, for the Druid, the ultimate holy place.


by Frank

This section is for video’s that are relevant to our grove’s teaching today, mostly concerning our spirituality and beliefs, the environment and other matters of importance to our generation.  See also our second section, where we feature teaching by our brothers elsewhere that are words of wisdom in total accord with our own. Section 2