5th May 2012

A few of the grove visited Stonehenge to perform a cleansing ceremony, both making way for the summer and to prepare the Henge for receiving and passing on energy released by singers and light-workers all along the St Michael line later in the day, a process joined by Nicola Kate and Shelley from Woodhenge. Our ceremonies were led by Kate (Aes Dana Grove)

Pictured right, is Kate, and pictured above Nicola (Aes Dana Grove) who’s ecological work in the Amazon alongside indigenous peoples has won her international respect

Below, we moved on to Avebury to receive the blessing of the Maypole within the Moon Circle.

In the breeze John’s harp started to sing all by herself, this beautiful drifting chords perfectly matched the moment as if the ancestors were singing with us.

Next we travelled across the Wiltshire border into Hampshire for the Butzer Ancient Farm Beltaine celebrations where the community of Clanfield turn out in large numbers to celebrate the sacred union of God and Goddess by burning a wicca man.

Here he is, the man of wood and straw, the remnant of last years glory about to make way for the new season.

People are beginning to once again embrace our age old traditions, especially those that connect us with the seasons and mother Earth.

These traditions bring old and young together, remind us of our roots, and are a brilliant opportunity for song and dance

The mood of the event is best shared by video - below:

Video by Frank