Spiritual Accord for Mother Earth

Our ancestors taught us to live in harmony with each other and with all beings. We were told to live with courage and to seek understanding. With the wisdom to know that we belong here. We are brothers and sisters to each other and to all beings on this earth which nurtures us.

This balance and harmony which brings forth clean air, food and water, shelter and beauty which makes our lives possible and worthwhile is now in jeopardy from our greed and excess. We have taken more than we need and we have not given back. If we do not change our ways then the well being of our peoples and of all beings will suffer.

Politicians have not reacted quickly enough to this crises and fail to reach agreement on action. Industry and science cannot agree on a solution either and yet the time for action from all us has arrived.

Spiritual people the world over have heard and felt the Earths suffering. We too have been slow to action. Perhaps we hoped that others might shoulder our responsibility and speak out.

Only if we put aside our differences for the sake of Mother earth and act together can we exert sufficient influence for the changes we all need to make to be in time.

To this end we propose a spiritual accord for Mother Earth. It is our pledge, but one which we invite people from every faith and tradition to make also, in words that have meaning for you according to your traditions.


We speak only on our own behalf, but this is a beginning.

We hope that you, seeing this, will decide freely for yourselves to do as we have done.

We invite other groups to let us know of their commitment to this accord so that we may list them here.

 We believe that:

  In so far as it effects the well being of Mother Earth:

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The Stonehenge and Amesbury Druids, Aes Dana Grove

England: Signed on behalf of the grove in June 2012 by senior Druid Frank Somers

On behalf of the Aymara Native American people

Bolivia : June 2012, agreed on behalf of the Aymara people by Amauta High priestess Eulalia Huanacuni de Laure, and High priest Francisco Franklin Balboa in the presence of Beatriz Souviron, formally Bolivian Ambassador to Great Britain.


The Temple of Gaia

(The Gaia Group)


Also for

The Aspen Grove

USA: Agreed on behalf of the temple in June 2012 by High Priestess Francesca Howell

He Gaelic Druid Order

Scotland: Agreed on behalf of the Order in Sept 2012 by Ruiseart and Cait Alcorn