Introducing the Grove:

Stonehenge is a place provided to us by the ancestors who built it nearly 5000 years ago.

Although administered as a ‘Monument’ by English Heritage, Stonehenge is first and foremost a temple. It is still in use by the people of Britain. In our opinion it’s value as a temple and dwelling place of the ancestors far exceeds its value as a tourist commodity.

In this special and very sacred place we may commune with the ancestors and with the natural order to which Stonehenge is finely attuned. We may reconnect with nature and with our roots.

Our Grove was founded upon the efforts of one Druid, Frank Somers, who became involved at Stonehenge reluctantly after receiving a message that the Goddess requires the idiocy at Solstice to stop in order that the old wisdom can be spoken and heard by her people once again.

Frank has since been joined by others equally dedicated to the spiritual path of the old faith. Today we are a small community of Druids and people of the old religion seeking to serve in this sacred place, and to make the Druids once again an influential spiritual force for good.

Although small in number, our Grove has repeatedly set high standards and pushed back the barriers preventing the Druids from having a respected place within the general community and from teaching.

In the course of the last few years we have started to mature as a religion and to gain in confidence. We are aware that we add value to the world and that we must actively play our part within it.

We will gladly work beside other dedicated individuals and groups who give their all to make a positive difference. Those who are peaceful, honest and mindful of the well being of our community as a whole.

We teach of a truth that is now essential in this time of global ecological imbalance. We are there to serve those people who come seeking genuine Druids. We are keeping the best aspects of our ancient traditions alive for future generations.

Our presence is to give service to the Gods and to the people of our sacred land.

Aes Dana activities are not limited to Stonehenge, our grove is an active part of the local community of Amesbury, and we also apply ourselves Nationally, and Internationally.

Grove Achievements:

About the Aes Dana Grove

We are proud to join hearts with our wise brothers, the Amauta people of Bolivia, in the service of balance, harmony and the well-being of Mother Earth. Jallalla


To avoid confusion:

Aes Dana Druids do not exclusively lead ceremony at Stonehenge. Other Druid, Pagan and Occultists Groups involve themselves there also. Some are very credible & others perhaps less so. We do not speak for other Groves or Orders and they may not speak for us.

We do not use facebook or other social media to communicate grove views or policy. Any of our members who choose to speak on such media do so from a personal point of view only.

To avoid any possible confusion we would like to make clear that we are not associated with the group known as CoBDO, or with LAW, both of whom also gravitate towards Stonehenge.

Whilst we like to work with other groups and communities where there is common cause, and do so, we also actively disassociate from any groups with an established pattern of harassment, bullying, illegal or spiritually immoral activity.