Snapshots of Autumn

Druids love nature and we are particularly fascinated by the seasons, the ebb and flow of nature taking place around us. Occasionally, and  because this website receives visitors from all over the world, we like to post up a few pictures to share that capture the seasons here.

This is autumn:

Left, the London Eye taken by Frank at the end of October. The leaves have not yet fallen from the trees but the evening air is feeling distinctly crisp now

Left: The little standing stone circle in Hampshire is over grown with brambles. In the spring flowers will be left as a gift for the fae by pagan well wishers at this little known circle.

Below: Puddles!

Left and below: November

Jazz and Frank exploring by Kayak, it is mid day but the skies are no longer warm and bright and the water is pretty cold now!

Below: November 4th: Franks Birthday and a visit to Old Portsmouth

It is impossible not to be moved by what it must have been like to depart from Portsmouth in the days of sailing ships and canon. Today the sun and blue skies light up this amazing historic city. It doesn’t always rain in November!

Left: a rose bush in Franks garden stubbornly refuses to believe that it is not summer. This plant is confused, it has been known to bloom even in the snow!

Below: At last the leaves turn gold and brown and start to fall from the trees. Jill very kindly took these photos of our Sacred River Avon in Salisbury (13th November)

Aes Dana Grove

Happy Birthday Jill !!!

14th November 2012

For all of our friends at home and far away; we wish you peace, love and a beautiful season wherever you are.