Autumn Equinox 2012

There were only a small number of us able to attend this autumn equinox at Stonehenge, Kate was down with a nasty cold, Nicola has returned to continue her environmental work in the forests of Equidor alongside indigenous peoples there and so show the pictures. This was however a wonderful equinox, free from many of the usual irritations and blessed by a magnificent sunrise through the early morning mists. Members of our grove and that of the Druids of the Dorset Grove made a spiritual circle together on the southern mound.

It was a cold and dark morning as the stars gave way to a promising pink glow on the eastern horizon

Wishing a very happy Equinox to everyone, members of our community, grove, and friends around the world today.

Special greetings to our brothers and sisters in Tiwanaku Bolivia and to the Aymara people.