On stage with the levellers

“Musicians Mark Chadwick and Jeremy Cunningham met in The Eagle, a pub in Brighton, in 1988. Discovering that they had a fair bit in common, including a left wing view of politics, they decided to form a band. They soon added Charlie Heather on drums and Jon Sevink on fiddle and, after a short while, Alan Miles to play harmonica, guitar and the mandolin.


The band released two EPs on their own Hag label in 1989, which led to a contract with Musidisc. They released their first album, A Weapon Called the Word, in 1990 which is one of the few albums known to have gone gold without ever charting. After its release, Miles quit the band and was quickly replaced by Simon Friend and that Levellers line-up of Mark, Jeremy, Jon, Simon and Charlie continues to this day (with Matt Savage later joining on keyboards). The Levellers were discovered that year by Derek Green (the man responsible for signing the Sex Pistols) and signed to independent label China Records.

The following year, they released Levelling The Land which was a massive success, entering the charts at number 14 and eventually going platinum. The single One Way, despite not bothering the Top 40, became a live favourite for years to come. Levelling The Land is often
cited as an all time classic amongst people who were students or travellers in the early 1990s.”

Today the levellers are enjoyed by huge numbers of fans all over the world, run their own music festival and have many albums and live tours under their belts. They are a musical success story but they are much more than this, their songs have a habit of capturing the mood of the moment and speaking for the common people.

Unlike many great bands they have kept their feet on the ground, retaining their human touch, keeping ego’s at bay, and by natural and genuine generosity of spirit making their fans feel like part of a huge family where everyone good natured is welcome and valued, old and young alike.

Frank is a huge fan of the Levellers, and owes his love for the fiddle and inspiration to songs from the levellers like ‘sell out’, ‘maid of the river’ and ‘battle of the bean field. It is true to say that Aes Dana Druids are all huge levellers fans, and we often play their songs around out camp fires.

Sunday 25th November 2012

Frank the Druid appears on stage playing violin with the Levellers!


Frank & lucky local musician friends gather before the gig on the steps of Southampton Guildhall, were we excited?..oh yes!

Backstage, Mark and Jon take us through our parts.

The gig begins!!!

...and frighteningly soon, it’s time for ‘The Recruiting Sergeant and our cue to go on-stage to play alongside our heroes

Frank said

It has been a remarkable year for Aes Dana, we have had to overcome many obstacles in order to stay true in our service to the old traditions, yet the Goddess has really blessed us.

We have enjoyed meeting so many generous and wonderful people;

The archaeologists at the Mesolithic dig in Amesbury, we have been involved in supporting the Amesbury Museum, we have shared in Amesbury community life especially enjoying the Carnival and crazy Stone-Age games, we were honoured to be the first Druids to hold circle at Britain's oldest sacred site, we were proud to help represent Amesbury Culture at her Jubilee celebrations in the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral, and to be presented to her Majesty the Queen, we were able to host most honourable guests the Aymara ‘Amauta’ high priest and high priestess from Tiwanaku Bolivia and to share ceremony at Stonehenge with them, and we have had olympiad fun alongside the wider community including local Amesbury scouts, army, artists, and all manner of wonderful folk.

Playing with The Levellers, was for me personally, right up there as one of the best ever experiences of the year! I know that my musician friends and I would all like to say a massive and sincere thanks to them for being the generous warm good hearted people that they so clearly are”



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