A great man leaves us

9th Dec 2012

If we had a flag to fly above Stonehenge, today we would fly it at half mast, for one of the Great Men of astronomy, loved by the nation, has passed on.

Sir Patrick Moore was made an honorary member of our grove in October 2011 in recognition for his lifetime of service to astronomy. He wasn’t a pagan, but he delighted in our award to him and insisted that it be given a place of honour in his study alongside messages and awards from Presidents, astronauts and great institutions.

This was typical of a man who in addition to making astronomy popular with ordinary people, contributed to advancing the science with his own work, composed and performed great music, contributed to his local community and generously gave of his time and enthusiasm equally to everyone be they great or small.

Patrick and I chatted for several hours on my last visit during which we discussed ancient astronomy, the druids, Stonehenge, the second world war, modern politics, Archao-astronomy, my research and theories about how the ancestors may have solved particular astronomical problems, his music, and his health. He stated that when his time came he would be ready and content to move on.

His sweetheart and fiance Lorna was killed by a bomb in the 2nd World war, and Patrick never married. I sense that he had found his Anam Cara (Soul Mate) and was waiting to be reunited with her in the next life. If there is any fairness in the heavens, they are together right now.

We see so much evidence that life continues after death that although it sorrows us to say goodbye to Patrick from this realm, we trust that it is not forever. Somewhere a young man and his true love gaze up at a perfect sky.

Sir Patrick Moore

Taken at his home in Selsea

Oct 2011

Patrick, you were a friend and an inspiration to our Grove, we will miss you.

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