Northumberlandia “The Goddess of the North”

Its 2012 and Britain has a brand new Great Megalith to rival Stonehenge in it’s spiritual importance and Avebury in scale. Significantly in this time of resurgence in the old religion and at the time of rebirth for the ‘Goddess consciousness' the new megalith is literally a representative of the ‘earth mother’ or ‘green goddess’.

Frank recently visited the site which will open to regular public visits next year in order to assess if it is a fitting tribute to the Green Goddess and worthy addition to the family of megalithic sites in Great Britain most of which were constructed 4000 to 5000 years earlier. Frank takes up the story:

The Megalith can be found near the north east coast of England, far from the usual tourist trail in the beautiful rural county of Northumberland and just a couple of miles from Cramlington. Next year it is hoped that visitors will flock to see the new ‘attraction’ bringing much needed revenue into the area. Those visitors will discover, as I did mile after mile of largely unspoiled countryside and stone built country towns that will delight and surprise. I certainly wish to go back and explore more thoroughly next year this beautiful part of old England.

When you get to the site parking is free and entry will request a donation and this attitude of trust enables everyone to be able to access the site and not as at so many places like Stonehenge only those prepared or able to part with nearly £10 per person. Horay for that! The visitors enter via a stand of trees, which immediately bless you with a sense of tranquility before even you get to the site itself.

As you exit the trees and emerge under the northern sky, in front of you is a small standing stone beyond which is the face of the lady herself. Even from a distance the scale of Northumberlandia is astonishing. Your gaze is drawn to your right along the length of her body and you realise that in scale at least, this place would certainly impress our ancestors and be worthy as a work made in the ‘Isle of the Mighty’.

Curiosity and excitement getting the better of me I ran as fast as I could to get closer, like a child who had just jumped on to a sandy beach and spotted the sea ahead. It invoked that same feeling in me.

Northumberlandia is made of 1.5 Million tonnes of rock, clay and soil, is 100 feet high and ¼ mile long. Surrounded by water that will eventually ring with reeds water grasses and wildlife and is dressed in grass which is already showing the first signs of wild flowers. In another year or so and with the blessing of the real ‘Mother Earth’ the site will be simply stunning. Especially in spring and early summer.

Bex looks out to the countryside from a vantage point representing one of the lady’s hips. From here you can see in the distance extensive industrial use of the landscape.

It is a coal mine owned by the Banks group who built Northumberlandia. They believe in restoring the landscape and leaving behind a clean environment of benefit to the community.

The £3Million it cost to build Northumberlandia was met by the Banks Group and Blagdon Estate.

Is Northumberlandia a fitting tribute to the ancestors who built our ancient megaliths that still inspire us today?

My answer : YES certainly, she is something that we ca feel very proud of.

Is she a worthy icon of the Green Goddess for the present day?

My answer : Nothing man made can truly be worthy but this a beautiful icon for the Goddess.

Does the site have an ‘energy’ like Stonehenge and other ancient sites?

My answer : Not yet. But see what you feel. On the day of my visit she was still very new. I feel that she will gain her magic when she has been blessed by nature and used by local people expressing their love for the land, the community and the seasons. I believe that it will happen in time.

Would I recommend that people travel up to Northumbria to visit her?

YES I DO !!!