Winter Solstice this year was anticipated by millions of people with a certain amount of fear and dread. This was largely because of the activities of various online doom merchants misinterpreting the significance of the Mayan Long Count Calendar reaching its climax.

We were told to expect a rogue planet to smash into the Earth, and/or polar magnetic reversal, continental shift, alien invasion and all sorts of other nasty scenarios. The situation caused so much anxiety that NASA, the Russian Government and Chinese Government had to take action.

What did the spinners of this gloomy prediction gain from this? We imagine that many cashed in somehow. Maybe others just took pleasure in creating a climate of fear. What is sad is that it took away the true message of this special point in time. We are entering a new age.

We are still here :-)

In excess of 5000 people attended Stonehenge for the celebration of Winter Solstice this year. As we predicted, this number was significantly more than for normal years and although the A344 was partially close to allow for parking, we are told that by around 7am the Police were turning cars away.

Lighting and marshalling was excellent this year, and portable toilets were made available. Well done to EH for that.

Left: Crowds gather awaiting access to the ‘temple field’.

Below: Stonehenge is open to the people.

Whilst others celebrated in the stone circle Aes Dana and the Dorset Grove chose to hold circle at the southern mound of the great Stonehenge enclosure. We were soon joined by many others, where we acknowledged the true meaning of Solstice and the new age and expressed our sense of community. This was the perfect time to be joined by Andy and Olivia Holmes with the Amesbury Lantern, which had been lit at sunset on the eve of Solstice, kept alight all through the long night in order that the light of the people would be the first thing seen by the reborn sun in the morning.

Pictures taken by Amesbury Museum:

Right: Olive at sunset 20th Dec, the lighting of the sacred flame.

Below: Olive with the Lantern, Solstice Eve, at the Amesbury Mesolithic sacred site currently the subject of research.

So, pictured left, this is Olive on Solstice morning with the sacred flame standing in our circle so that all those awaiting the sunrise.

Left: Kate, Richie and Rosie

Frank was interviewed by ITV News, the link to that is here: click here

Aes Dana Grove, the Amesbury & Stonehenge Druids, would like to thank all of the people who shared this special moment together in harmony with us, we are the children of the Goddess, the people who care about spirit, truth and the well being of all.We spoke our names and so we are no longer strangers to each other.

Our thoughts as ever are with those far away who couldn’t make it to Stonehenge this year but who were with is in their hearts, especially Claire who’s house was flooded by the heavy overnight rains (we missed you) and Cynthia in NZ, and many others who know you are in our hearts also.

Winter Solstice 2012

Part 1