Spring Equinox 2013

Spring equinox this year fell mid week on the 20th March, the weather forecast was gloomy and no-one in Aes Dana Grove much fancied seeing the dawn in at Stonehenge. The same mood seems to have effected many people as we later learned that only around 100 turned up. There are many other sacred places to choose from in Wiltshire, and so looking for somewhere to just be ourselves and relax a few of us decided to meet up at Old Sarum.

We had a new grove member with us Becky which was great, and in that funny way that it often happens when you celebrate completely without any plan we actually had a very meaningful and spiritual experience together.

It was really cold. Scientists are suggesting that the rapid melting of ice from the Arctic is forcing the jet stream south of its standard route above Scotland and as a result Britain is suffering longer colder wetter winters. So this is global warming!