2013 June 20th/21st Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Five members of the Aes Dana grove decided to attend the annual summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge this year. First to arrive were Frank and Becky who were soon joined by Kate, Richie and Nicola.

Commendable this year were much better traffic management, a friendlier, even smiling, Police and marshal team upon arrival to the car-park and without big queues or delays that have caused consternation in previous years.

We were all happy to sit beside Franks van as the sun set and listen to Frank playing fiddle accompanying Kate who was singing.

It was a delight to meet a young Bolivian gentleman who rushed over to say hello when he saw our Aymara flag, and who knew of our visit to Tiwanaku.

As we sat peacefully talking several groups of youngsters who looked to be only in their mid teens asked us if we knew where to get any “Z’s”. We guessed that they were asking about drugs, but had no idea even what a Z is. We told them that we don’t believe in recreational drug use and they moved on but this was disturbing to us. Later we found out that Z’s are a class of sleeping pill with some very dangerous potential side effects.

One report from New Zealand which we found online says “"It appears to be making people more prone to acute episodes of psychotic behaviour.",” I.e. Users can became violent and irrational and saw and heard things that did not exist.” Not good!

In previous years we have worried about young people arriving at Stonehenge for a party and in addition to excess alcohol, taking ketamine, random pills or cocaine. The Police do have passive sniffer dogs at the entrance to the Stonehenge field but this does not prevent people seeking out dangerous substances in the car-park before going through to the temple field.

Young people are precious. Who is encouraging anyone, let along people so young and potentially vulnerable to believe that in order to have a good time they must procure hard core drugs? This is wrong and it must stop. In addition to endangering young peoples lives, the drug culture also places the entire future of open access to Stonehenge at risk, and disrespects the spiritual purpose of the event.

We tried to get a couple of hours sleep before heading up to the temple field together to await sunrise. We awoke to a damp cloudy morning but the long walk from the car-park was well laid out and illuminated, making this easier than in previous years.

We were searched entering the temple field which we do not mind given that this helps to deter drug dealers bringing their wears onto sacred ground although how effective this is can only be guessed at.

We weaved our way through the gathered crowds clockwise around the outside of the great sarcen circle to show respect to the ancestors and place. En route we were met by Councillor Andy Rhind Tutt, Becky Rhind Tutt, and new Mayor of Amesbury *** before making our way to the southern mound which we circled three times.

People settled there already very kindly moved to one side in order to allow us to form a small circle, which quickly expanded as people nearby rushed to join in and we probably had 100 plus. It was nice to be joined also by the Dorset Druids led by Ian.

After calling the quarters and explaining the function and tradition of the circle to those new to our traditions Frank lead the ceremony which embraced the new energy of community harmony ushered in by 2012. The circle disapproved of the violence in Syria and prayed for the innocent people there caught up between the warring sides.

Kate spoke about our mother goddess, Nicola spoke about remembering to be grateful when we eat or drink, others in the circle were invited to speak and many of you chose to do so.

We thank you for the gift of your words and feelings.

To all those who took part in our circle, and brought with you an open mind and an open heart, thanks. It is an honour and pleasure to share circle with brothers and sisters like you.

You are the reason why Aes Dana Grove still attend Stonehenge. You, and others like you from around the world are the future and hope for mankind.

We closed our circle and chatted with many of the people who had taken part. This was a great pleasure for us because the gods had brought a very lovely circle of people together for us.

We were then approached by five Bulgarian seers who had travelled all the way to Stonehenge in order to pass on a message to us that they say is from God / the Gods. The message was similar to one given to Frank 7 years ago and so we took this very seriously.

Essentially we were told to pass on this message:

‘Stonehenge is a very special place with a special purpose at this time, with which the Druids and the ancestors must engage and apply their gifts. Stonehenge will then join with other great centres of power around the world, each served by the people of that place, to bring about transition and harmony.

People who come to Stonehenge should all be told that this is a very sacred place deserving of respect at all times but especially at Winter and Summer Solstice.

People should ideally not consume drugs or alcohol for 7 days prior to entering the henge to make themselves ready to enter sacred space and they should certainly not consume drugs or alcohol there as it is offensive to God / The Gods

The music and drumming at sunset and sunrise should be harmonious with the place and time. Musicians will understand the nature and power of music and rhythm to effect spiritual energy. The energy of Stonehenge should be allowed to flow and be true to its essence.

That the people may celebrate in the Stones but should allow spiritual purpose to be fulfilled at sunrise. This should in practice mean allowing the Druids just 5 or 10 minutes at sunrise. Make room for them.’

Merry Solstice !

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