Hi All,  

Just updating you on events. Frank, Amelia, myself and Aidan made it to Stonehenge on time to welcome in the sunrise and good energies were raised. Thank you to Amelia for operating the chant box so beautifully. It was Amelia's first circle with us and it was great to have her lovely energy in the mix. It was also Aidan's first circle and I think he enjoyed it (he is a very rambunctious toddler- so sitting still for more than 5 minutes is quite an achievement for him!). We then ate plums from my garden to honour the harvest (and because we were hungry :D). Thanks to Frank for his soulful drumming and his ongoing steadfast and capable leadership!

Unfortunately Nicola had transport woes so couldn't make it on time, but we caught up with her later on (What is it with our group and transport malfunctions??!!). Shame you missed sunrise Nicola, but thanks for coming!

The atmosphere at the stones was really nice. After we had finished we went into the stone circle. There were people playing on a wonderful instrument, something like two steel drums on top of each other that created an amazing sound- I dont quite have the words to describe it. It seemed to attract all the kids. Aidan and a group of other toddlers gathered on one of the stones and played around. It was a very beautiful moment, full of the goddess and the presence of the ancestors was very real.  On the other side of the stones rousing drumming was occurring, which Frank joined in with. There were ladies belly dancing and everyone was bopping along.  

There was an over-riding spirit of togetherness that I have never sensed at the stones before, that makes me hopeful for the future.

So Autumn is now upon us, and October is bringing big things! :D. Hope to see you all soon.

Bright blessings



2013 Autumn Equinox at Stonehenge

Happy Equinox