18th August 2013

Celebrating Claire’s Birthday in Glastonbury

It’s started to become a tradition. Every August some of the grove gather in Glastonbury, one of Claire’s favourite places, to celebrate her Birthday. Usually this involves Claire's journey starting with a calamity; flooding, someone bashing into her car, or some such. This year it was a flat tyre on the way compounded by a flat spare tyre. RAC to the rescue!

Still we always have a nice time and we make room for the sacred in a relaxed way away from the crowds, just to enjoy being ourselves and companionship. This year Becky, Frank, Bex and Claire met up at the world famous ‘White Spring’ which is located at the base of the Tor.

Becky had organised a very special birthday treat for us, a private grove visit into the White Spring to experience its sacred aspects.

Left, the side entrance to the White Spring’.

For anyone who might not be familiar with Glastonbury, the tor is a mighty natural hill at the centre of what was once an island surrounded by lake and salt marches. Legend tells of a great crystal cave within in which faerie's dwelt and of two springs one red (which runs to this day through the Chalice well gardens) the other ‘white’ which is crystal clear and emerges nearby.

The White spring emerges from the mouth of a cave, ones covered in little shops but which now under new ownership is returned to a more natural state, with shrines and healing pools. Inside it is nearly pitch black until your eyes adjust to see candlelight from strategically located niches.

The over all effect of the energy, darkness with pinpricks of dancing light and the sound and presence of water is immediately enchanting.

We explored and each of us spoke silently to the spirit of the waters before joining circle. We knew that there was no need for casting circle or invoking the directions, for here spirit is all about you. The mother goddess particularly.

Instead Becky operated the chanter box and we sang the druid chant together. Frank took out a whistle and started to play and it was not long before immensely powerful yet gentle forces of light joined in. There was the ever present mother spirit, the sense of the sidhe, and then as we linked earth to sky we were joined by considerable energies we recognised as having come to greet us from Bolivia and the Aymara.

There were other more distant echoes of tribes and spirit family that we are yet to meet, yet all are children of the goddess. We do not often talk like this on our website but we were all deeply moved. So much so that Frank left briefly to shed tears outside, so deeply it touched his heart.

Thankyou to the new guardians of the White Spring for returning it to how it should be and giving bright spirits a place to connect.  

After our immersion in spirit at the White Spring, we headed into the town centre for food and then on to the Chalice Well gardens.

At the Chalice well gardens Claire taught Becky some Druid Dowsing techniques and then we decided to put our feet to the test in the always freezing cleansing pool. Bex went first...

Then Becky

Then Claire...yes lots of ouch its cold!

All cleansed :-)

Happy Birthday Claire !!!