Aes Dana Grove Druids are honoured to be accepted as members of

The Stonehenge Chamber of Trade

Our grove is not a business, does not have money, and you might be wondering what we have in common with small businesses in Amesbury and what they might share in common with us.

The simple answer is that we all love Amesbury and care about the quality of life experienced within the community.

The small businesses provide products, services and jobs to the town. What perhaps goes unseen much of the time is their contribution to the culture and altruistic support for the community.

They support the Carnival for example.

Our involvement reflects our belief that if any community is to thrive and be happy, all contributing parts of the society must work together as a team. This is happening in Amesbury and we are a part of that grass roots movement and creative energy.

Left: Jaz wins a prize in the raffle; how could they have known that a massive tube of Jaffa Cakes were exactly what she craved?

One very happy young lady :-)

Below: Just before Solstice the Chamber of Trade held their annual Christmas Party, which as it turned out, involved a feast of chicken and salad that was about as tasty as it gets! The feast also involved a quiz...we were determined not to come last and we didn’t largely thanks to Mark, Jill and Jaz who between them seem to have knowledge of everything.

<<< Remember this gentleman and see if can you spot him again at the end of this page?


Yes that’s him in the Red !!! Father Xmas stops to say hello to Frank the Druid before heading off to give gifts to the worlds children...the ones who’ve been good anyway.

January 2013