Ceremony of Unity at Stonehenge

Stonehenge Sunday 27th January 2013

We bring together the energies of two nations ‘England and France’ (Albion and Gaul) working together with the wonderful Gerard (Yohannes) Hugues, builder of the Brittany Labyrinth inspired by Chartres, and Pauline Cory from the ‘Earth Keepers’ group. Our ceremony drew upon traditions from both peoples, ancient, and more recently inspired. Wonderful.

Right: The Laberinth at Charters, built according to legend, over the site of the sacred Druid grove of the Carnutes. Below, the new Laberinth in Britany inspired by the old.

Thanks to:

Stonehenge Druids:









Marc Wood

Amanda Waring

Jo Davies-Evitt

Philip Davies

Carolyn Richards

Julie Nicol

Ali Rabjohns

Gerard’s Group:








We arrived to greet one another at 7:30am on a very very windy and wet morning with all of the promise of a good soaking by rain ahead of us...Left, Claire and Martin

We gathered in the tunnel that passes under the A344 leading to Stonehenge monument field, and paused there for shelter. Actually the wind was even worse in the tunnel than outside, but it was at least dry there. Frank explained (And Mark translated into French) how we should process in good order to the sacred place, the journey being used to leave the mundane world behind us a prepare for the sacred. He confidently suggested that we unwrap our drums and proceed normally as the rain would stop for us.

As we exited the tunnel, the rain stopped and as we reached Stonehenge the sun bathed us in cheery light.

After this wonderful ceremony was over, the Aes Dana Druids went for Breakfast in Amesbury, dropping in to say ‘hi’ to Andy Rhind Tutt who was busy adding new displays, and then visited ‘Bluestone henge’ and Old Sarum.

We’ll talk more about Old Sarum another time....

Yes its windy!!!