Frank and Kate were delighted and honoured to be invited by the Anglo-Bolivian Society to give a presentation in Westminster on July 26th which was hosted at the Bolivian Embassy. The subject of the presentation was the cultural and spiritual exchange between Druids and Amauta that took place in the summers of 2011 and 2012.

Recent speakers hosted by the society include people of high achievement including:

Bolivia – Changing paradigms in defence of Mother Earth a talk by Fernando Méndez, UK Embassy in Bolivia

First Impressions of Bolivia a talk by HE Ross Denny, UK Ambassador to Bolivia

Boat Building and other Adventures in the Bolivian Amazon a talk by Maurice Burgess

Jeremy Browne MP, Minister for Latin America at the Foreign Office, Reports Back on his Trip to Bolivia and Prospects for Future Relations

And so pressure then Frank!

July 26th 2013

The talk, illustrated with 95 photos given by Frank (Sadly Kate was too unwell to attend) covered the Druids first impressions of Bolivia and of the Amauta traditions, and of the Amauta visit to Stonehenge, Amesbury and London. What we learned from each other and of the uniquely close bond that has formed between us as a result.

We also discussed our spiritual accord for mother Earth, the rainbow prophesy and the future before taking refreshments and continuing informal discussions.

We would like to thank both the Bolivian Embassy and the Anglo-Bolivian Society for their warm welcome, interest and hospitality.

Frank was deeply touched to be offered a years honorary membership of the society by Peter Corkill and he says that he greatly looks forward to seeing the lovely people of the society again and next time from the more comfortable perspective of someone listening!