December 21st 2013 - Winter Solstice ‘Sunrise’

The wind was howling storm force all night long and the rain was falling in sheets but this did not deter 2000 pilgrims from attending.

Our grove included Frank, Becky, Kate, Richie, Amelia and Rosie. We were also Joined by Niall for circle. We started by processing clockwise around the great Sarcen circle before taking up our familiar ceremonial southern mound position just inside the henge enclosure.

Frank Opened circle, and as the time of sunrise grew closer, our circle was joined by many others so that our original 6 had swelled to around 70 people. We were honoured to be joined by the Mayor and former mayor of Amesbury, and by many people who had travelled from other continents to join us

We chanted and prayed together, and Frank led a prayer to the sky to with-hold the rain for 15 minutes. This in fact worked, the rain petered out before sunrise, only to return when it was time to leave.

Our teaching was about our unity of purpose and the role that we must all play in bringing about transition to a better and more spiritual way forward for mankind. The sun did not make an appearance, and the star of the show within the Sarcen circle was a rubber duck brought along in good British humour by a teenager.

After the sunrise we withdrew to a hearty breakfast and warm welcome at the Holiday Inn.

We wish a merry Solstice to everyone and to those who celebrate it, also a very happy Xmas.