2014 Amesbury Carnival

This year the carnival was extra special, the biggest community involvement yet, a bit of a world war 1 theme and an extra Druid involvement thanks to Becky volunteering for doing much of the admin of the event, a big ask of a mother with a small child and many commitments but she did a wonderful job. Also Frank organised the Stone-age games again this year.

The procession

Stone-age Games

And more besides, it was a lot of entries. But what you are all waiting for is the Druids challenge at the stone-age games. The megalithic stone drag race...who won?


Heat 1: Pentacle team A vs Pentacle team B (Team A)

Heat 2: Pentacle team A vs Air Cadets (Team A)

Final heat for victory, Pentacle team A vs the Stonehenge Druids


Druids won !!!!! Yay :-D

We would like to thank Pentacle Drummers team B and the air cadets for wearing down the energy of team A before we took them on...clever Druid tactics in play this year!

To celebrate our resounding victory, Frank, Jaz and Paul enjoyed a round of archery and all that the funfair had to offer

And finally, it was Franks mums birthday...happy birthday Sylvia!

Well, that’s the Amesbury Carnival for another year, where young people make fond memories of childhood and British Culture is there for everyone to enjoy and take part in. Well done Amesbury!