2014 Spring Equinox

Meanwhile Frank was able to make it into the woods, observed by Tsvetelina Ivanova, Portsmouth University, who has kindly granted us permission to show some of her photo’s on this site. They are also currently on display at Portsmouth University.

By Becky:

It was characteristically chilly at Stonehenge on the Vernal Equinox. Various commitments meant I was the only Aes Dana grove member able to make it (Frank's new baby has been depriving him of too much sleep as anticipated!).

The mood was quite jovial with dancing and singing. I spoke to a journalist from Finland who was interested in the spirituality of the people who are drawn to the stones, and caught up with some other “fracktivists”. I only remembered to take pictures once I had positioned myself at the exit to nab people as they leave and hand them a leaflet with some practical tips on fighting fracking.

I started the group ‘Frack Free Families’ as I was concerned about the threat of unconventional gas extraction. We have an active group on facebook where we share information and organise resistance in a family friendly way. As a mother I am really worried this industry will take hold in the UK, poisoning our water, polluting our air and contaminating the land. I do not want to leave a toxic legacy for our children and believe it is madness to focus on extracting more fossil fuels when we should be concentrating on clean safe energy solutions along with embracing sustainable living.

We handed a letter in to Downing Street recently to tell the prime minister how we feel. Mother earth can only take so much more, we are but one species on this planet yet we seem determined to destroy ourselves and take the rest of the planet with us.

Please visit my website for more information: www.frackfreefamilies.org.uk.

Another great website from a friend of Aes Dana, Nicola, has lots of tips on sustainable living and information on Nicola's on going missions overseas to protect mother earth and the people who live on her: http://eyesofgaia.com/


Left: Stonehenge at equinox after the ‘sunrise’.

Right: Outside 10 Downing street, Petition.