Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2014

With 37000 people expected to attend summer solstice this year, it falling on a Friday into Saturday, this was going to be a big test of the new management team, police, marshals and of course our great public following the arrival of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Great weather was forecast. Amelia, Frank, Becky, & Kate provided a presence for the Amesbury Druids, later joined by the new Mayor of Amesbury, Andy Rhind-tutt, David Cornelius Ried and other friends from Amesbury community.

We were invited to attend a midnight circle organised by Phil the Druid to discuss Fracking. Lots of people spoke, including Frank who was last to speak. It is encouraging to see so many people willing to make a stand for the long term well being of our land.

Notice a red flag with native American face, the gift of a north American tribe to the Anti frackers in solidarity with the Druids, as their own lands have been devastated by the process in America. We, as ever, carry a native American flag, the Wiphala from Bolivia, also a gift of solidarity.

Sunset as the car-park starts to fill up

Indigenous peoples united - three Photo’s below, and one above by Brittany Camp

Merry Solstice