2015 Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

Kate, Richie, Rosie and Frank, along with many thousands of others, braved the drizzle and howling winds to walk into Stonehenge before the ‘sunrise’.

We processed carrying the flag given to us by the Amauta clockwise around the great sarcen circle of Stonehenge before making our way to our favoured spot to the south of the henge where we set down our things.

Barely had we started when Franks cloak clasp gave way from the garment of his winter cloak and this was now impossible to wear in the high wind. Frank was effectively stripped to the light undergarments. Oops!

No sooner had we settled we were joined by a circle of people. We had not planned to lead any ceremony this day, instead we had thought to just enjoy the moment in the most low key and personal way possible, yet we were asked and were happy to do so.

Our grove has been engaging more locally of late, and had pretty much taken a years respite from activity at Stonehenge itself. It was heartening to find that our friends there still valued the light and message we bring, and many warmed our hearts by sharing this.


The wide angle photo below was taken by Ian Mitchell who kindly shared it with us. Below that are some pictures which Frank took after the various ceremonials in the sarcen circle had abated. Some men and women all dressed in red, and Ied by a woman clearly strong in spirit yet without any display of ego, delivered wonderful song and harmony. It restored and lifted the energy to a new level and demonstrates exactly why Stonehenge celebration needs more balance. Especially the inclusion of sacred feminine influence.

Merry Solstice to you all.

We wish peace and wisdom to all peoples, of all faiths, in all lands.


The pictures below were taken by photographers from www.insidewiltshire.co.uk who very kindly

permitted us to show some here.