Summer Solstice 2016

Arguably the best summer solstice the century so far!

The weather wasn’t looking promising during the run up to solstice, but in the late evening the sun shone and there was a pleasant breeze. The traffic to Stonehenge was a little slow, but for once this was due to protests at the requirement to pay to park rather than any incompetence on the part of EH.

The sun set in great splendour as if the sun wished to show of its artistic prowess as it painted the sky red, shortly followed by an astonishing full-moon rise as if the moon were saying ‘I can match that’ for beauty. It was a harmonious contest, which seemed to effect the mood, lifting everyone to a sense of the fundamental beauty around us.

The controversial alcohol ban, which we have long advocated, had an uplifting effect too. When we first proposed this idea we received threats and a lot of nastiness, however those attending this year were a testament to it being the right thing to advocate.

Young and old, of all cultures and backgrounds mingled and celebrated harmoniously. It was less threatening, just as vibrant, and we suffered much less from litter and antisocial behaviour than previous years.

Our grove joined in the sun set ceremony and female led singing in the stones (Bravo to the lady who leads this. The people sang of peace and harmony, in peace and using fine harmony). We held our own circles and of these it was the women of our grove who led and showed the way.

Something about both sun and moon at full strength on the same day told us to remember it takes both energies, the opposites working together, to really weave something to be proud of. This has always been the philosophy of our grove.

Frank left before dawn on to travel in to London in order to explain the solstice to viewers of ITV’s wonderful This Morning program hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, while Kate led our circle in the southern mound at Stonehenge.

English Heritage showed courage in making this years solstice access alcohol free. They deserve great credit for that. It was the right thing to do.

It gave us all the opportunity to demonstrate just how wonderful solstice can be when it is respected and celebrated in a totally positive and beautiful way.

Nextwe would like EH to stop displaying our ancestors remains at the visitor centre, and return the AH32 ancestors to us for reburial please. Why?

Because these are also the right thing to do.

We met up at Wood Henge under the flag given to us by our Bolivian Brothers and Sisters

Traffic leading in to Stonehenge was very slow

New friends and familiar faces

Harmonies at Sunset

The pictures below were kindly taken by Pete Salenieks, and are copyright to him. Thanks Pete.

Merry Solstice to everyone who celebrated it.