Celebrating Ambassador Beatriz Souviron five years representing Bolivia a special celebration was held. Invitees included Ambassadors, Lords, MP’s, Senior Druids and Special friends of the Ambassador. The theme of the evening was Bolivian culture, song and dance. It was so good that we wished to share some of it with you.

Beatriz is a very warm hearted genuine woman who’s warmth and generosity of spirit touches hearts. In her speach she simply said that she has always done her best to represent her country and that she hopes that she has inspired us to want to visit.

For us she has done much more than that. She has helped to bring our ancient culture and that of Bolivia together. She and her people have shown the Druids a respect that we seldom experience in our own country, and helped us to find our way again. We will be forever grateful.

Stonehenge Druids celebrate with Beatriz

Left: Andy and Becky, Mayor and Mayoress of Amesbury with Beatriz (who is seen here in the middle). Below: Senior Druids gathered for the occasion.

Just check out the energy of the dancers in this video !

We hope to add more video’s of the nights entertainment shortly

Bolivian Culture is a celebration of peoples coming together. There are 30 different languages spoken, native peoples of the forest and native peoples of the mountains and of the sacred lake live alongside people of Spanish / European and mixed decent.

There is no doubting that Bolivia is a sacred land where the people rejoice in what gifts have been given them and have evolved a community of communities. People frequently dance in the streets, there is always something to celebrate.

Visitors to this country will discover, as we ourselves experienced, that the landscape is powerful, the people generous of spirit and welcoming, and that Bolivia has a heart and a soul that we have largely lost in Western Europe.