April 2012 : The Stonehenge ‘Fun Run’

On a windy cold and dreary day, 150 people gathered at the Stonehenge visitor centre for the Stonehenge fun run.

It was organised by the Amesbury 2012 committee as part of the Olympiad activities...so we would each get a medal for taking part. The course was laid out in three distances:

3km, 5km and for the hardy a 7km route.

Completely up for the challenge Frank went along to run the shortest distance possible wearing his Druid robes...Oh dear...he managed to run only a single km before dropping to a walk.

So the Druids come last again!!!

Anyhow, it was what it said on the tin, ‘fun’ and thanks to the organisers and volunteers which included the Army Cadets it was well worth taking part.

The last part of the run was along the Stonehenge Avenue heading south west. It provides a magnificent view of Stonehenge if you can still take anything in but air at that point in the race.

Starting out