I was recently contacted by Lee Steele, Branch Manager at our Amesbury branch of Johnsons. He asked if we would be willing to mention his branch of this national chain of dry cleaners as they are very interested in serving the pagan / druid community.

He pointed out that they are very used to handling ritual garments for other religious and spiritual groups and so treat all such items with extra ordinary respect. In addition to that, they use eco friendly methods, which he hopes will be sympathetic to our beliefs about protecting mother earth.

Further more, if you take your robes to the Amesbury branch of Johnsons and tell them that you are a Druid they will offer you a discount!

Now hats off to Johnsons. Many businesses even those with a high pagan catchment fail to acknowledge us or seek to welcome us. Let’s hope many more local businesses will follow their lead.

I don’t know about you but my robes are a mess after solstices and equinoxes and that Stonehenge mud never completely washes out so I’m willing to give them a try.   

Dirty Robes?

Johnsons are willing to help, and offer a discount to Druids.

Andy Phillips from Johnsons had this to say:

“Johnson Cleaners have nearly 200 years of experience and is proud to be the only national dry cleaner in the UK to use a gentle solution called GreenEarth ®. Unlike the petrochemicals used by the majority of other dry cleaners in the UK, GreenEarth ® is 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly, whilst still being independently proven to deliver first class cleaning results. Your clothes will stay bright, true to size, soft to the touch and there is no dry cleaning smell.

As the UK’s leading dry cleaners we have the expertise to clean a wide range of specialist items, including holistic and masonic gowns.

Other services available include laundry & ironing, repairs & alterations, and cleaning of household textiles such as curtains, duvets and rugs.”



We have over 350 retail locations nationwide; to find your local branch please visit www.johnsoncleaners.com/branch-search and simply enter in your postcode.


Branch Address

33 High Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7ET