Spring Equinox 2012

True to the symbolic nature of the day as one of balance between light and dark (with the light winning out eventually) the weather was undecided in the morning as to being clear or cloudy.

The atmosphere in the great Henge was much the same but tipping the balance was the presence of two great masters of the art of sound pouring out symphonic waves of positive energy from great metal discs tuned to Earth Sun and Moon. You can even hear Whale song from the Earth dish.

The art of the bard is to capture an energy and at the appropriate time release this to the greater good through the medium of their gift. Today was a master class in how to deliver positive spiritual energy by using sound as the catalyst. Awe inspiring!

The grove were taking a day off from Stonehenge duties, this is a special year which requires us do our spiritual preparations as much away from the public eye as in visible service. Claire and I travelled to Glastonbury to radiate our positive intentions from the Tor