Summer Solstice II

Bolivian Amauta visit to England, continued


Breakfast after solstice at Stonehenge was provided by the Antrobus Arms Hotel in Amesbury entirely gratis to start our guests recovery from a long night at Stonehenge off properly. This generous invitation shows just how supportive the people and small businesses in Amesbury can be. The Antrobus has hosted many famous guests including The Beatles’.

Nothing had prepared us for the grandeur and luxury of a full breakfast at the Antrobus, three courses and waitress service in the conservatory over looking the wonderful gardens was simply the best I’ve enjoyed in many years and I have travelled widely.

After breakfast we found a nice spot to do a quiet grove celebration in rough time to synchronise with sunrise in Tiwanaku

Now that it had brightened up a bit we decided to take a group photograph. After a few hours nap back in Salisbury

We had dinner at The Old Mill, which sits on the River Avon to the south of the Cathedral. It was blissful there with the sound of water and views along the river.

Friday 22nd, Glastonbury - Amesbury - Avebury - Clanfield.

We covered some miles! Although a visit to the chalice well and Tor in Glastonbury was on everyones wish list, none of us could wake up early enough and although we decided still to go, it involved a half hour only in Glastonbury. Once there Bex and Frank went with Beatriz to find some special scented herbs for ritual fires whilst leaving Euralia and Francisco in the capable hands of Nicola and Kate in the chalice well gardens.

Kate has the photo’s so we may have more to post up here soon.

After Glastonbury it was a dash back into Wiltshire to the Amesbury ‘Bowman Centre’ where Amesbury Town Council and Amesbury 2012 Committee had all prepared a wonderful reception (And Jane the food was lovely - thank you!)

Amesbury - Official Reception:

Mayor Jan and ‘consort’ with Euralia and Francisco

Aes Dana Grove member Nicola did a wonderful job of translating for us all, as we viewed the Amesbury Mosaic recently seen by HM the Queen, and presented Euralia with a very limited edition of the design which was also a gift from the town to HM. Former Mayor, councillor Andy Rhind-Tutt explained how the design reflects the history of Historic Amesbury and local culture.

Above left: Francisco and Euralia bless our food                     Above: Mayor Jan trying on an Amauta hat for size.

Photo’s left:

Taken by Irene and copyright to her

Later, we broke camp whilst Bex and Frank travelled with Jill and Jazz to Clanfield to set up the evenings event,

Kate and Nicola headed with Francisco and Euralia to the other great henge of Avebury.

Grove Gathering - Clanfield:

The sustainability centre in Hampshire was the venue for our next event, a casual community gathering and chance to relax and dance and talk about our friendship and love for Mother Earth.

At last! a ritual fire and offering were made

What a wonderful blessing this was!!!

Beatriz, Eurailia and Francisco returned to the Bolivian Embassy in London in order to spend some time in the Nations capital city, seeing the sites and trying things of their favourite things was a trip on the tube!

We would see them again on Sunday 24th as guests of the Embassy.

Sunday 24th June, Bolivian Embassy London

Above: Bex, Nicola, Kate, Rosie and Richie

It is always hard to say goodbye, but this is a beginning not and end. We are living far apart but we are strongly linked by spirit, by friendship and by our shared love of Mother Earth. We rejoice in our unity and brotherhood. We are two peoples sharing the same heart.


Bex, Kate and Frank went to the airport to wave goodbye.

It was so hard to do with two very special people that we will miss so much until we meet again. We will always be in each others hearts and prayers.