Summer Solstice 2009

We braved the long queues of traffic (why don’t they open the carpark?) and made our way into the monument field for sunset. Pre-arranged entertainers did not show up at the bardic area so Jim and I filled in with some songs to keep the night hours passing merrily.


During the early hours Frank walks around the field surrounding the henge talking with pilgrims and sharing folklore with all those interested. Many, especially the young people really appreciate having a Druid taking the time to explain things to them.

Frank performed a handfasting ceremony for the couple above


<<< Sound file, recording of the sunrise ceremony from within Stonehenge

The blessing led by Frank at Sunrise in centre circle

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here for the turning of the seasons.

To experience in our hearts and in our souls what is going on in the universe around us.

We are a part of it.

A part that belongs.

We are here to witness the rising of the sun at the height of its powers

Now we need to raise the energy, we are in one of the most magical places on Earth

This is Stonehenge. Built for us, in our time, as in the past, as in the future

We do this, raising of energy with a chant

It is IAO, I would be honoured if you would join with me, we will raise energy and send our blessings to the world with that energy.

We chant...

With this energy:

Bless these people of Albion, those gathered at Stonehenge

those gathered at Glastonbury,

those gathered accross our land and the lands of Europe

those gathered accross the world.

Awaken the hearts of man. Bring forth the new age of enlightenment amonst our people.

Let the young generation take from the old their wisdom but not their foolishness

So mote it be!